Giving the gift

September 19, 2013

I may be writng from the heart of a woman and so writing for women mainly but anyone can find something in this post (if you are looking for balance and understanding).  I want to write about another stage of my personal journey – tapping into my essence.

The longer I am on my journey, the more inward I go. Well, I guess that’s the way it goes. In the last few months I have attended a couple of therapies, from reiki, cranio-sacral to aura-soma. The answer was always the same, go inside, let go of what you have learned, and rediscover who you are…without fear or guilt.

Sounds very simple but the truth is it took me lot of time and emotions to reach that place. I am there now learning more about myself.

I’ve realized that what I appeared to be over the years was not always who I really am. I don’t mean to say I was fake or liar but I can honestly say I learned to wear masks. I thought I had to in order to protect myself from pain and to get accepted. And when I knew I can’t go on like that anymore, I stopped, looked back to where it started and accepted all the pain and wounds I experienced long time ago. I still don’t have enough strength to share those with you but I am able to admit they were and they made me who I thought I was for many years.

“You can change, you are not what you have learned to be.”

My reiki teacher


My, your, true essence is the energy that makes you feel alive, complete, loving! It is not someone else’s job to make you feel that way. It is in your core and you can live it – your femininity!

Where is the problem?

We live in the world that is ruled by men. Men take the leading roles, make decisions, compete, and win. In fact, all is well with this. The masculine energy is logical, direct, strong, stable, and leading. However, the problem is thatn one side is never enough to make the picture whole. What we are missing is what we labelled “weak” or not “sufficient”.

  • being emotional
  • sensitive
  • trusting your intuition
  • following the flow
  • being unstable, changeable, and vulnerable
  • loving and graceful

This is what I have been taught to consider a weakness. But stop and read it again! These are the beauties of femininity, of being a woman and completing the picture, restoring the harmony.

If you wonder how much feminine you are, ask yourself a simple question (or two).

What makes me feel successful? (forget getting approval from others or pleasing them)

Do I try to keep the things under control? (why?)

How do I serve the world? (by simply being in this world)

I believe women are strongest when they are weak and soft! I believe women are irresistible when they are emotional, sometimes passionate, sometimes sad, changeable. It drives men crazy, they don’t understand it but becoming them is not what they want, believe me. Men, just like women, were taught to believe that these are the signs of weakness and how can they accept us as we are if we don’t?

We are loving and soft energy and unless we find the courage to discover this essence, we may have times when we feel alone, empty, weak. And then, when we find it, we complete the world.

“When a woman feels loving, the planet is healed. You are loving, everything else is resistance. In nature, there is no resistance.”

Woman is energy – man is consciousness

Woman is action – man is thought

Woman is mind – man is body

Together we create and there is harmony in such creation. Sadly, by giving up our role, our energy, we rob the world of the greatest gift – creation and manifestation of love.

Love is letting go of fear!

“Consider how the lilies grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

Luke 12:27


Note: in next post, I will share with you my Alphabet of Me (being a woman). A simple practice of discovering your essence.

For many years I found myself thinking when people asked me whether I am religious or not. This year in May I even decided to walk the Camino de Santiago and people immediately assumed I am doing it for religious purposes – why surprised anyway, why not!.  Well, as those questions arose, my answer for many years was similar to what Allen Ginsberg once said:

“Everything is holy! everybody’s holy! everywhere is holy! everyday is in eternity! Everyman’s an angel!”  

I am spiritual, and grateful, and respectful. God created diversity and I learn from it every day, with every encounter …curiously!

Welcoming the Spiritually Independent

 by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Co-Directors of Spirituality & Practice

We’re offering a free gift to all Spiritually Independent people and those who love and welcome them. After reading about who they are in this article, click this link to claim your gift:


Let’s stop being so negative about the group that is transforming religion and spirituality in the 21st century. One-fifth of the American public — and a third of adults under 30 — do not identify themselves with a religion. Some of this number (6%) describe themselves as atheists or agnostics, and the other 14% say they have no particular religious affiliation. In an attempt to label the last group, two terms have emerged: “Spiritual But Not Religious” (SBNRs) and “Nones.” We don’t like either term. They categorize people by whatthey arenot.We are interested in who they are.


That’s why we like the term “spiritually independent.” It was coined by Rabbi Rami Shapiro in his forthcoming book Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent. He’ll be leading an e-course on “The Way of the Spiritually Independent” for Spirituality & Practice in September. You can read more about it and sign up here:


Shapiro likens the spiritually independent to the politically independent. The politically independent find good ideas and policies in different political parties and choose not to join one in particular. They are less interested in where ideas come from than in how they contribute to creating the world they want to see.


Similarly, the spiritually independent person seeks out wisdom from many sources: the religions, the sciences, the arts, the humanities, the popular culture, the Internet and social media. They are less concerned with where the wisdom comes from than in its capacity to make them more compassionate, just, and awake to the unity of all life.


Who Spiritually Independent People Are


We want to celebrate who Spiritually Independent people are! Here’s what we have learned about them from their visits and interactions on our website.


Spiritually independent people express their spirituality in a wide variety of ways, often participating in several communities: a meditation group, a yoga class, peace marches, workshops, and conferences. They are not necessarily independent, neither wanting nor having community, nor are they individualistic. They are only independent in their spirituality; no one religion covers where they are in their beliefs and experiences. They could check “none of the above” on a list of religions, and they might also check “all of the above.”


Spiritually independent people find wisdom and inspiration in many sources: sacred texts, books by spiritual teachers, poetry, Ted talks, YouTube videos, movies, art, nature, scientific studies, pop culture, Facebook memes, and more. Because no authority has told them what is and is not appropriate for their spiritual formation, they look everywhere. Our website visitors read reviews of spiritual books, meditate with galleries of illustrated quotes, and then browse through our coverage of current movies.


Spiritually independent people are seekers without borders (another term coined by Rami Shapiro). They celebrate the interdependence of all life and talk often about unity consciousness and oneness. In not recognizing clear borders between religions or feeling the need to stay in just one, they are not alone. As a multifaith website, we have reviewed many books by authors who claim “multiple belonging” because they practice more than one religion. Perhaps they are Jews who observe the Sabbath and go to synagogue and teach Buddhist meditation. We are initiates in a Sufi order but we also worship at a progressive Christian church; our mysticism crosses two traditions.


We and the spiritually independent have another thing in common. We create our own spiritual practices. We call this the Indiana Jones School of Spirituality. You probably remember that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indyand Marion are hiding from the Nazis, and she says, “Do you have a plan?” And he replies, “No, I’m just making it up as I go along.”


There are tried-and-true spiritual practices that have been passed down within the religious traditions through the centuries. Many spiritually independent people regularly pray, meditate, do sacred reading, and sing chants and hymns. And then there are practices that just come to you as you go through your day – your own way of living a spiritual life. Fred says a prayer for whoever is in trouble and whoever is going to help whenever he hears a siren on New York City streets. Mary Ann bows to her computer in gratitude for its service to her.  A good friend regularly visits a Hudson River pier to allow the water spirits to nurture her. Another identifies something “wonder-full” with her daughter every day.


If you want to welcome the spiritually independent people in your life, ask them how they practice their spirituality. You will be surprised and delighted by all the ideas you get for your own practice.


An invitation and some gifts to readers of this article.We’ve created a special page at Spirituality & Practice offering you some special resources for spiritually independent journeys! For a limited time, we have a free download for you on “How to Practice the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy,” 37 universal practices. We’ve also created a “Field Guide for the Spiritually Independent” with more “identifying signs” plus everyday practices, mantras, movie and book recommendations, and more; it’s a bonus when you register for Rami Shapiro’s e-course “The Way of the Spiritually Independent” running from September 9 – October 4. To claim your gifts and sign-up for the e-course, visit us at:






Camino called life

July 11, 2013



If what you learn liberates you and others as well, if it fulfills your mind and soul, if it leads to understanding and acceptance, you don’t need any external validation or recognition because you found what you needed and those in need will follow your pattern until they find it for themselves

It was the beginning of what some may call the awakening but which I simply call remembering, therapy – attendance which requires presence and creation. In April 2013, I decided to walk St.James’s Way. I always loved walking and nature but of course walking alone through the unknown terrain for over five weeks and almost 900 km is a bit different story.

I knew before leaving that to be able to get what it offers I need to be open to whatever comes and flexible enough to deal with it. And I hoped for healing. I went there heart broken and estranged from society that no longer served my needs and values. I felt separation very present in my life and I could sense it in people around me as well. I turned away from my roots, closed myself, blunted my senses and inner voice to fit in the norms and conformity that promised the sense of belonging somewhere. And this way I learned that to get healed I had to take a leap of faith and believe in nature’s (and so people’s) ability to provide you with everything you need and when you need it. Though not necessarily what you want.

I started El Camino in Pamplona and finished it in Finisterre five weeks later. From the very beginning the country and nature reflected the state of my mind. Hilly and uneven at the beginning when I was still struggling with leaving the world I knew behind; flat and endless when I needed to internalize and embody new principles and surprisingly magical when I was ready to discover new worlds. Still at the beginning, someone told me that to walk the whole Camino is to walk through the three stages of an inner evolution – the stage of mind, heart and soul at last.

Recalling all I have learned, I also believe one really needs to walk that far and for so long, to experience happiness, joy along with pain and hardships; to realize that it all is a part of one. Without any of that, the picture can’t be whole and we will always miss something in it. It is all there, all part of everything, unattainable and inevitable at the same time. Everything you are given, you leave behind. Everything you love, you walk away from. Everything you need, there, but without the chance to store and pile for future. And it is right that way for how can you tell whether what you have stored will be still of any use in future?

The connection with nature, with our natural self, was present from the very beginning. At the beginning it was more about the physical abilities and such were my main concerns. My busy mind was figuring out how much water I need to drink to avoid injuries, what kind of vitamins I need and where to get them easily. These were my first primary thoughts; the thoughts concerning me being in the nature and getting out of there with the least harm possible.

Going back to the parallel with the evolution stages, it was all about mind and mind is rational, not emotional. Moreover, we live in the world where getting unharmed from the ‘wilderness’ is our major goal; getting back to safety of our organized and predictable worlds.

Not knowing too much but having a clue of what was coming next, I told my friend one day: ” today we are walking the Camino but soon we will be living the Camino”. Today, back in my flat, I refer to it as a ‘Camino called life’. Irony is that blisters and pain are inevitable and soon we all struggled with it. However, as your mind calms down and accepts what is and what comes, your thoughts shift from concerns about future to pleasures and blessings of today. Pain indeed is a teacher. It turns away from what I have to do and how I have to do it to I am doing it now. Walking itself became a sort of ritual. Waking up early in the morning to pack those few things you carried to hit the road for the unknown destination. The greatest change I observed on myself was natural acquisition of mindfulness. In the middle of the journey you are far more focused on what is and the final destination is nothing but a thought blurred in the haze. On the road that spreads straight for 20 kilometers, in the blaze of midday heat, your mind is nailed to your feet and your feet penetrate the ground. You are becoming a living part of it all, not trying to escape or ‘survive’. When there is nothing to rationalize, you free your heart. That’s when I got a gift, a glimpse of what love is.

Love not as a simple emotion but the love that builds and creates the worlds and us, each one of us individually and all together. I believe that we have been given an amazing power, the power to create when we are in alignment with the laws of nature. I don’t claim to know them, I think I noticed some but just being in nature and with nature for long enough you absorb them unconsciously. Isn’t that the greatest thing ever? Being here, being open and aware, without judgements or statements on the state of the things, willing to learn what love is and accepting love first, to give it next.

For decades we were talking about the harmony in the nature, the circle of all things but where were we in that all? Where were you in that circle and where could you dig in for the harmony within yourself? For decades, many of us, me including, stopped in the stage of mind, analyzing and rationalizing, leaving the heart behind, not for the lack of understanding but for the lack of acceptance and love within.

I love and treasure all parts of my Camino yet the third stage gave it all its meaning. And as I wrote in the beginning, every part is important but only together they form what is whole and complete in the meaning and experience.

I walked through rainy Galicia for over a week. I couldn’t walk in my shoes for the last 150 kilometers – so painful. I left most of my friends behind. Yet what I remember most is the lush green, the green I have never seen before, the comfort I felt in the forests, the companions who were there when I needed them without me having to plan it, the softness of the forest path and the relief it offered to my aching feet, the rain on my face, on the palms of my friend, the rain that you no longer try to hide from

And your imagination and creation run wild, liberate your soul and never leave from what is in your sight. And only then you become a creator you are meant to be.



Camino and pilgrim

April 14, 2013

“Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.”   Jeremiah 6:16


I feel like I should write something before I embark on my pilgrimage and maybe even keep it as the first chapter of my journal.

Writing about and focusing on why I go on pilgrimage is far more difficult than I would ever imagine. After all, it is my life, my decision and the dream. None of this makes it any easier, all of this fills me with peace and every day I see another good reason to go! I should be able to give an answer, right?!

I often wonder how/why people learn about the St.James’s Way. To be honest, I never heard about it before and I believe I learned about it exactly when I needed it most and when I was “mature” enough to understand it and learn from it. And I also wonder how many of you learn about it now because you are about to grow for it!

And that’s why I go! Now!

Two very hard and challenging years. The time of spiritual awakening. Blessing and gratitude. Faith.

Someone, long time ago (very very long time ago), planted a seed. People and circumstances in my life watered it and now I begin to feel the warmth of the sun, the freshness of air and understand the meaning of storms. As new as it is for me, I constantly stumble and fall and feel more insecure than ever before which, however, seems to be ok from what I heard. I am on the right path. I feel good, content and happier than ever before. Not because of something or someone. I choose to be happy and in love every morning when I wake up. I work on it and I practice and sometimes I fail. Hard work on some days. I explore! I learn a lot every day and in many different ways.

And the most important lesson I learn every day, again and again, is patience! How important it is! To have patience with myself and with others, patience for the right time and the right result.

Patience is never a waste of time. Patience is not idleness either. In fact, patience is very active discipline and awareness.

For me, the last two years, when I was patiently waiting/working towards who I am today and hopefully who I am going to grow to, prove this lesson.

And how do you know you are on the right path and becoming a person you are supposed to be?

You know it when you are thinking about it – understanding everything from the very beginning is not necessary; there comes the lesson on patience and results when the time is right. And when your decision is right, all things will come together to make your dream come true.

I once heard that we should let the peace be the umpire for us in this. Inner peace is the answer. Restlessness is a powerful force too and a sort of companion of peace. Ideally, restlessness should direct us from what is not right for us, what does not nurture our soul or comforts our heart. I go because I feel peaceful about it.

That’s basically how far I got until I found out about the pilgrimage.

It is more than that but may this be the main lesson for now. Next week, I will take another step. And I will take many more on the 800km/five week long journey just to (re)discover it is not about the destination.

I want to discover my heart of pilgrim. I need to become stronger and braver. I hope I can get healed from the wounds and scares both physical and emotional. I long for connection, purpose and spiritual miracle. …

ps. If you want or need to go on a pilgrimage too but can’t at the moment, I can carry your prayers with me, they will surely be answered along the way. But please don’t hold any negative emotions of any kind towards me for doing the pilgrimage, there is a lot behind the surface which you wouldn’t want to take.

Buen Camino!



Faith is what you have now, hope is the vision you hold on to and gratitude is the bridge between.

It is Friday and as usual the Internet if full of joyous posts on how now we can start living…finally! And before too long, we will complain about Monday… on Sunday. It sounds a bit funny I admit. But we rob ourselves of the joy we could experience every single day.

We love Fridays, we love holidays and all those special days that we have to wait for all year long. We may even  love the time when we are waiting for them and expecting something unique to happen because we have a reason, something to look forward to.

We believe we can be more of who we want to be, who we really are, on those special days. But what about the days in between? What if (and we know there is no “what if”) there are more of those days and less of the ones we are waiting for and expecting?! And as long as I remember, the special days do feel somehow shorter, the time flies and what we awaited for so long, disappears too soon.

A few weeks ago I was given something special, a vision, a hope. However, along with that hope I received a package of plenty of time in between. On the first days, I immersed myself into that feeling of waiting and expecting the Day to come. Yet, everytime I got too much into that vision, I was somehow reminded that now IS the day that fills me with the fire I will need in the future.

How much do you remember from the last year?! How much attention and devotion did you give those “special days” and how much passion did you spare for the rest (most)?!

Do you remember the smell of the first spring days last year and how much are they different this year? Do you remember how the July days made you feel and why? Or any other time that you didn’t label “a special”.

Take your time now and give your thoughts and heart to this day, the moment, its glory. 

Choose to have a happy day and experience its blessings instead of expecting them in future

And yet I know it won’t be easy to do every day. It never is, otherwise we would not have to “choose” it. We would have it. It takes discipline, right perspective and a good heart.

Happiness, just like love, IS unconditional. The source is within you ~ the miracles and dreams of your heart  come to life when you build a bridge of gratitude for them.

Life is not a trip that begins and ends. It is a journey that unfolds and unveils.

 Do we dare to start a truly unexpected journey, a journey we can take only a step at the time, a journey of breaking down the walls we have built over the years to protect our true selves from the world and yes, from ourselves too? I did. I longed for that journey and despite the pain that is inevitable on such a path, I don’t regret a minute of it.

 Discovering yourself is the most transformational, liberating and awakening experience. It is an experience without destination that offers unfolding results along the way. Expect miracles every day! The journey of self-discovery is, after all, like any other journey. You may need a map along with a direction and guidance.

On my own journey I have learned five things  – learnings that might serve as a map for you on your own path or at least as a direction with guidance.


Take Leaps of faith  It is your faith that will keep you on your path and lead you in difficult times. Listen to your inner voice, your intuition, because it uses the language only you can understand. And if it naggingly tells you to change direction, stop and think about it at least. On my own journey I have had to take several leaps of faith — leaps into the unknown — and no matter how hard it was to do that, or how much people around me tried to change my mind, now we all know it was for the best.

Embrace Companions  No journey should be taken alone, not even the one into yourself. Places and things on your path offer opportunities and people who can enrich your perspectives. Accept people on your path, be open to what they offer, learn from who they are. They can be the blessings to guide you or lessons to learn from. And at least once on your path, you will meet your soulmate too — a person who mirrors your greatest hopes and fears. Do not be demanding, needy or full of expectations in such relationships, though.


Be open   Miracles happen every day, so why don’t we feel like we can achieve them? The problem is we have our own image of what a miracle should look like and expectations about when we expect those miracles to happen. Miracles do happen every day. The thing is they are in disguise for us to learn how to appreciate what comes unexpectedly. This is one of the lessons we need to learn on the journey. Do not wait for miracles to happen but look for them consciously every day and do not judge their relevance or meaning for your personal growth. Being open means you accept miracles as gifts. Being open means you see magic in ordinary things. Being open means you give thanks before asking.

Accept everything - part of the journey is going through hardships. No one can avoid them and pretending they don’t come would have damaging consequences on your pilgrimage. They do happen and being aware of it in advance can save us some tears and mistakes. We need to accept this in order to grow and understand the meaning of good times as well. Accept pains and difficulties just as you accept miracles and be thankful for each and every kind of experience.


Manifest Your Love  Actions speak louder than words. When do we feel beloved, appreciated, respected and happy? Are words enough? Is a loving hug or even a thoughtful gift more? And where do we get when it comes to loving ourselves? Do we really manifest our love for ourselves? And is it something that feeds our senses only or rather something that nourishes our souls? Looking for who we really are and what really makes us content and happy in life, despite life conditions, is a manifestation of true love. Love yourself and love others as you love yourself. Loving the true you is what liberates us  while liberating those who come to our lives as well.


Let me mark one more place on your map – a place I keep reminding myself of every day: Patience!

Be patient, not to get what you want but to grow enough to ask for what you really need. Time and patience may change your requests.


On what defines you (or not)

February 6, 2013

Ok, so stop where you are and let the journey become what defines you!

Not being able to move on from where I got stuck, I could see myself right there; right here, on the journey. Just a glimpse but still!

I learn every day; when I wake up to another grey day or the sunny one, when I go to bed insecure or full of joy and sense of achievement. I learn and grow from that all. And on that same journey I am discovering the essence. The more stuck I feel, the more aware of this moment I become.

The essence reveals to be ME! And you of course! I read about it everywhere but don’t really understand. I still wonder what they are all talking about; loving yourself, taking care of the temple you are, the soul awakening

It is all the essence, the you! And once again, no, it is not your pride and ego that holds on tight to the world around and its appreciation. Because you have your own struggles and your own gifts, you can walk your own path; your journey! You need them both to be accepted to walk the path. Your passport! And yes, getting stuck is a part of that.

The answer is always gratitude, grace and learning how to listen to your soul. The soul we all share after all. I guess I should know that by now but do I? Not that easy, not at all. But it is beautiful and it gives meaning to everything else.

And then your work is good! And your life opens up in front of you like pilgrimage – one step at the time. You are full of expectations of what it has to offer and you take it all as it comes, waiting for more. Half of them turn out to be miracles, half blessings! Not bad at all!

You know it is not about getting somewhere. It is you right where you are.

It is what defines you and where you put your soul and power.

1. When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears. – Anthony Robbins

2. When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious. – Marianne Williamson

3. It is clear we must embrace struggle. Every living thing conforms to it. Everything in nature grows and struggles in its own way, establishing its own identity, insisting on it at all cost, against all resistance. – Rainer Maria Rilke

4. God dwells within you, as you! – Elizabeth Gilbert

5. In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love, you invest your life. – Mumford&Sons

6. Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible. The invisible world is within you, and it is where happiness resides. – Rumi

7. Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you. – Wayne Dyer

8. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. – Melody Beattie

9. New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. – Lao Tzu

10. Children learn more from what you are than what you teach. – W.E.B. Dubois

11. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. – Roald Dahl

12. Gratitude opens the door to…the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the door through gratitude. – Deepak Chopra

13. _____________________________________________ (this is for you).


Ann Voskamp

Facebook lesson

January 23, 2013

“You learn something every day if you pay attention.”  

~Ray LeBlond

I have always tried to show my students that they do not need to separate their lives from their learning.  Your life is a manifestation of your learning.

One of the things I do with new elementary classes is that we recall the English words they already know. And yes, they know a lot of them! And the moment I like most of all is when I see their surprised faces as they realize they do know a lot.

Learning happens when our brains are engaged, interested or under the stress! Yet every time it gets a different quality.

I found out that teaching can easily take place after the students learned something. What am I talking about?

Well, think about Facebook, for example. Surely many students managed to use it, right? So why don’t use it for teaching them more about the language it offers. An English lesson from Facebook! And one more great thing about it! They will certainly go back to what you taught them! They will surely use Facebook after the lesson and notice the lagnuage.

I came up with a sample lesson plan for facebook lesson. Hope you find it useful and an inspiration for your own ideas.

Or what about working with your students on such lesson plans for other classes?

The Power of Rituals

December 31, 2012

In silence, you hear your thoughts and in the act of rituals you silence yourself and the world around. I am sitting here now with the pen I always use to write in this notebook. Not any notebook, just this one. For writing down my observations and thoughts, I use only this one. This is my ritual of daily writing. This is one of my rituals.

It is not a habit, it is a moment when performing the act of writing is more important than anything else, my quiet moment, it is what matters; a connection with timeless eternity. I don’t think about the result too much and in fact I just put down the words, let them flow and fill the paper as they come. I am watching the lines change as they bear the symbols of my mind. I am drinking green tea as always from the same cup when I write.

My ritual.

It is not a habit I plan to do. I want to do it and I try to find a time to do it regularly, like meditation which centers and calms my mind. Ritual is an act that empties you of yourself and others just to make room for mindfulness and you again. Ritual teaches you to focus on the journey rather than on the destination; it offers contentment and awareness.

As long as it serves you, it is not a habit. Once you serve it, the habit and monotonousness prevails.

The great thing about ritual is that all of us have already taken the first step. I often tell people about colours and help them notice the diversity of what we simply perceive as “green” or “blue”.

I think I should tell them about shower first!

Isn’t shower the very first place you can feel safe and confident enough to be aware and open to the process more than to the goal? Notice the water, watch how it flows, listen to it as it cleanses your body, watch your body and the way it connects with the element. Feel it! Have you really touched and smelled your skin after that?

We often do things and expect results not knowing that results do manifest themselves along the way.


I wish you a sensuous new year (day) and moments of unexpected beauty in ordinary things!