The Power of Rituals

December 31, 2012

In silence, you hear your thoughts and in the act of rituals you silence yourself and the world around. I am sitting here now with the pen I always use to write in this notebook. Not any notebook, just this one. For writing down my observations and thoughts, I use only this one. This is my ritual of daily writing. This is one of my rituals.

It is not a habit, it is a moment when performing the act of writing is more important than anything else, my quiet moment, it is what matters; a connection with timeless eternity. I don’t think about the result too much and in fact I just put down the words, let them flow and fill the paper as they come. I am watching the lines change as they bear the symbols of my mind. I am drinking green tea as always from the same cup when I write.

My ritual.

It is not a habit I plan to do. I want to do it and I try to find a time to do it regularly, like meditation which centers and calms my mind. Ritual is an act that empties you of yourself and others just to make room for mindfulness and you again. Ritual teaches you to focus on the journey rather than on the destination; it offers contentment and awareness.

As long as it serves you, it is not a habit. Once you serve it, the habit and monotonousness prevails.

The great thing about ritual is that all of us have already taken the first step. I often tell people about colours and help them notice the diversity of what we simply perceive as “green” or “blue”.

I think I should tell them about shower first!

Isn’t shower the very first place you can feel safe and confident enough to be aware and open to the process more than to the goal? Notice the water, watch how it flows, listen to it as it cleanses your body, watch your body and the way it connects with the element. Feel it! Have you really touched and smelled your skin after that?

We often do things and expect results not knowing that results do manifest themselves along the way.


I wish you a sensuous new year (day) and moments of unexpected beauty in ordinary things!


3 Responses to “The Power of Rituals”

  1. Barbi Bujtas said:

    Thanks Vladka, for me this was the right thing to read at the right moment :) Time to sense.

  2. ChuckSandy said:

    I love the way you convey the power and importance of ritual in this lovely post. In my own life ritual serves as a gateway to mindful states of being and knowing and in fact becomes a form of meditation in its own right. I think here of making coffee, washing dishes, and preparing soil for planting. There’s joy in the process, love in the work, and respect for the tools that all comes together to form a sort of wordless prayer. Now tho after reading your post I’m going to bring more sensory awareness to these tasks. Thank you for the reminder that one can go deeper while discovering more along the way :-*

  3. Debbie said:

    Dear Vladimira,
    What a lovely post, feeling the ritual of connecting myself to pleasure comes just by reading your full of senses words. Yes, I usually find myself like suspended in time, by the sounds I hear around me, or the smell coming from my kitchen, or when watering my herbs, the mint, the basil, or this moment when I feel my hear beating at a different pace.
    Thank you friend for this moment of connection to the ritual of pleasure.

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