Life is not a trip that begins and ends. It is a journey that unfolds and unveils.

 Do we dare to start a truly unexpected journey, a journey we can take only a step at the time, a journey of breaking down the walls we have built over the years to protect our true selves from the world and yes, from ourselves too? I did. I longed for that journey and despite the pain that is inevitable on such a path, I don’t regret a minute of it.

 Discovering yourself is the most transformational, liberating and awakening experience. It is an experience without destination that offers unfolding results along the way. Expect miracles every day! The journey of self-discovery is, after all, like any other journey. You may need a map along with a direction and guidance.

On my own journey I have learned five things  – learnings that might serve as a map for you on your own path or at least as a direction with guidance.


Take Leaps of faith  It is your faith that will keep you on your path and lead you in difficult times. Listen to your inner voice, your intuition, because it uses the language only you can understand. And if it naggingly tells you to change direction, stop and think about it at least. On my own journey I have had to take several leaps of faith — leaps into the unknown — and no matter how hard it was to do that, or how much people around me tried to change my mind, now we all know it was for the best.

Embrace Companions  No journey should be taken alone, not even the one into yourself. Places and things on your path offer opportunities and people who can enrich your perspectives. Accept people on your path, be open to what they offer, learn from who they are. They can be the blessings to guide you or lessons to learn from. And at least once on your path, you will meet your soulmate too — a person who mirrors your greatest hopes and fears. Do not be demanding, needy or full of expectations in such relationships, though.


Be open   Miracles happen every day, so why don’t we feel like we can achieve them? The problem is we have our own image of what a miracle should look like and expectations about when we expect those miracles to happen. Miracles do happen every day. The thing is they are in disguise for us to learn how to appreciate what comes unexpectedly. This is one of the lessons we need to learn on the journey. Do not wait for miracles to happen but look for them consciously every day and do not judge their relevance or meaning for your personal growth. Being open means you accept miracles as gifts. Being open means you see magic in ordinary things. Being open means you give thanks before asking.

Accept everything - part of the journey is going through hardships. No one can avoid them and pretending they don’t come would have damaging consequences on your pilgrimage. They do happen and being aware of it in advance can save us some tears and mistakes. We need to accept this in order to grow and understand the meaning of good times as well. Accept pains and difficulties just as you accept miracles and be thankful for each and every kind of experience.


Manifest Your Love  Actions speak louder than words. When do we feel beloved, appreciated, respected and happy? Are words enough? Is a loving hug or even a thoughtful gift more? And where do we get when it comes to loving ourselves? Do we really manifest our love for ourselves? And is it something that feeds our senses only or rather something that nourishes our souls? Looking for who we really are and what really makes us content and happy in life, despite life conditions, is a manifestation of true love. Love yourself and love others as you love yourself. Loving the true you is what liberates us  while liberating those who come to our lives as well.


Let me mark one more place on your map – a place I keep reminding myself of every day: Patience!

Be patient, not to get what you want but to grow enough to ask for what you really need. Time and patience may change your requests.


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  1. Marisa said:

    Great insightful post, Vladimira! As I was reading it, I felt your ideas voiced my views.
    Personal and professional growth and development have always been my aims in life and I’ve had the opportunity to do so. Especially with the job I have every January and February as an assistant to the supervisor of cultural trips to London. We take students from all around my country and they’re quite a number. That job has given me the opportunity to develop a strength I didn’t know I was capable of. I’ve learnt new skills and developed others that were dormant.
    I agree with you on the fact that patience is a necessary ingredient but feeling the confidence that you are where you must be is also essential.

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